Corrosion of evil

Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Last Sunday most of us were disturbed to read of the wide distribution of hate literature here in Juneau. But why are we so surprised?

A banner displayed at the high school held Christians to ridicule and contempt. Now the banner's creator has become a cause celebre for the ACLU.

Rainbow Foods displays and sells a magazine entitled "Earth First." In the issue I read, eco-terrorists are praised for bombing research facilities and committing other acts of violence and terror.

Neo-Nazis advocate hate based on race. But environmental radicals advocate hate based on economic class. Is there a difference to the widows or children of the victims of these hate groups?

Nationally, popular and celebrated artists dip Christian religious symbols in urine or smear sacred images in excrement. When the targets of this hate speech object, they are mocked for being "intolerant."

Best-selling CDs - targeted to youth - feature lyrics so vile as to be almost unimaginable. Lyrics which advocate rape, murder and hatred of people of any and all races daily flow through headphones of school bus riders here in Juneau from elementary school on up.

Neighbors who peacefully object to abortion - a hate crime if there ever was one - are held up to ridicule and derided as "anti-choice." Yet the pornographer Larry Flynt is celebrated as a first amendment champion.

In 1978 Alexander Solzhenitsyn cautioned us that civil liberties stripped of their Judeo-Christian foundation will eventually result in a defenselessness against "the abyss of human decadence."

Neo-Nazi leaflets left by a few sad, bitter, ill-educated and maladjusted people are just another proof of Solzhenitsyn's warning that a free society stripped of its spiritual foundation will, ultimately, be unable to "defend itself against the corrosion of evil."

Richard Schmitz


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