Examples of hysteria

Posted: Thursday, April 10, 2003

Mr. Geldhof, there you go again! This time you have not only insulted many 574 card-carrying Alaskans by implying they are lacking in brains, but you have insulted the non-574 card-carrying "greenies" as you call them by implying they have been ineffective. The principals of the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council must be livid over learning the million-and-a-half dollars they spent in a recent three-year period got them nothing!

Now Mr. Geldhof, it seems that you may have alienated souls on both sides of the issue. I suspect the minority of lawyers who have been marginalized by their society are not used to having many friends, however.

The main point of my argument has always been simple. The easiest way to bring a business to its financial knees is to burden it with unnecessary and expensive regulations under the guise of protecting the "environment."

The extreme views presented by the environmental organizations are where the hysteria reins, Mr. Geldhof. Unfortunately, it is not very funny to those 574 card-carrying Alaskans who can no longer find decent paying jobs in their own communities.

I would invite those curious to log onto www.seacc.org/TakeAction.htm for genuine examples of hysteria.

Dave Fremming


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