Let them know you care

Posted: Thursday, April 10, 2003

To all those writing in protest of the war, complaining of being labeled "un-American," and stating your utmost support of our troops and utter disapproval of our president, I wonder if you think about how your anti-war statements, actions and protest rallies affect the morale of those in Iraq fighting and dying right now for your freedom to continue voicing your opinion.

Imagine for a moment leaving your hometown, the place you grew up in, where all your friends and family are. You are sent overseas to put your life on the line to defend your hometown, your friends, and your family. Then you pick up a newspaper or turn on CNN and see a protest rally in your own hometown, decrying what you are doing and denouncing your livelihood. You see photos of people you know, holding up signs saying that what you are doing is horribly wrong, saying you are committing a crime for carrying out your occupation, but yet somehow, you're supposed to believe those very same people support you. Stop and think how you would feel if millions of people disapproved and questioned your job and what you do for a living, really think about it. You certainly wouldn't feel supported.

I'm not asking anyone to change his or her opinion or to take a pro-war stance. However, I am asking that before you organize or attend the next anti-war protest, or write your next anti-war letter to the editor, think about our troops dying half-a-world away. Think about how you'd feel trying to carry out your duties knowing that millions of people in your own home are rallying against the very thing you've dedicated your life to. Then sit down and write a letter of thanks instead and let them know you appreciate their bravery, courage and willingness to die so that you can continue to live with all the freedoms you have today. Let them know you care.

Jason Soza


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