Government wastes our money

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, April 10, 2005

Instead of creating space age designs for a new capitol building, architects should reflect the corruption and wastefulness that takes place in state government. Take Berners Bay as an example; the combination of all the projects planned in Berners Bay is going to damage the area forever, yet we are going forward with the Kensington Mine expansion, which is going to rip the heart out of Berners Bay.

The Alaska Department of Transportation wants to spend 350 million of the taxpayer's dollars to build a road to Skagway, though the trip is more easily serviced by ferries. The road itself is a gift to both the Coeur Alaska Mining Co. (owner of a Superfund site) and the Goldbelt Corp.

Goldbelt wants to clearcut lands on the north side of Berners Bay and lobbied aggressively to get taxpayers to pay for the road. Neither corporation is willing to pay for the road or for environmental damages to Berners Bay. The majority of the people in the Lynn Canal area don't want the road to Skagway. Whatever design the capitol takes it should reflect the fact that state government ignores the will of the people, wastes our money, and gives huge gifts to corporations. Perhaps, the new capitol building should look like a large birthday present wrapped in gold with a corporate ribbon.

Carl Reese


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