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Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, April 10, 2005

After your biased article "White House expert: Pot is Dangerous," you owe a little balance to the public.

As of November 29, 2004, gold is valued around $450 an ounce, and in Juneau the price of marijuana is between $400-500 an ounce (with an unquenchable demand, bums and working people want it). And the dollar is depreciating as inflation grows. The difference between gold, U.S. currency, and marijuana is that you can grow marijuana with large industrial lights.

Marijuana/hemp can be used to make clothes, soaps, food and fuel. The problem is it is unlawful to grow more than 25 plants, according to the Alaska State Constitution. Possession of less than 25 plants is protected under the Alaska Constitution's right to privacy, according to Ravin v. Alaska. As of Nov. 2, 2004, Juneau voted "Yes on 2" to legalize marijuana, that's like declaring "Pot on War," which is not a bad idea.

Take the war off marijuana, and take the war off the people of Juneau!

Speaking of war, there happens to be one in Iraq. Those silly Iraqis keep fighting the Strong American Giant Power House, and actually think that they're going to win by setting fields of oil on fire. Why would they go and do that? I don't understand people these days. For example, why does Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Germany, Peru, Chile and Canada protest U.S.-led attacks and the Iraq war in general? My heart goes out to all the veterans, soldiers and their families. I feel like we've betrayed them as a country by allowing them to become corporate soldiers protecting oil lines, and they can't even come back to smoke a big fat joint legally, although our own allies in Israel are experimenting with post-war traumatic syndrome and medicinal pot, because marijuana helps soldiers sleep. I for one sleep great.

In closing, America enslaves its citizens and other countries financially to the point where all we are is a revenue unit to top corporations. Out with the farmers and in with a corporation with 10,000 seed patents, out with teachers and in with army recruiters (No Child Left Behind), out with freedom and civil liberties and hello constitutional toilet paper.

Lynn Matt


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