Keep Clinton out of the White House

Posted: Thursday, April 10, 2008

The letters on March 4 by Charles Campbell and on March 11 by Dixie Hood compel me to share my observations of Hillary Clinton's supporters.

The salient campaign issue is qualification for the presidency, easily opined by an examination of experience and positions recorded in public life. Impeccable moral standards, once required, have been diminished by episodes like Sen. Edward Kennedy's role in the drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne and former President Bill Clinton's adultery with intern Monica Lewinsky.

Although a generation removed from each other, these young women continue a pattern of behavior enhanced by Clinton and her fellow failed feminists. Hand wringers like Campbell and Hood appear blinded by their loyalty to the aberrant social engineering spread across our culture by femmes and other manipulators and profiteers.

Clinton's inability to attract support beyond party hacks is a result of her miserable resume, not her gender.

Clinton's stint as corporate lawyer with the Rose Law Firm was scandal-ridden. Her eight years as first lady do not impress me, nor does election to the Senate as a carpetbagger from New York, whose political darling was Eliot Spitzer, until he emulated Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

The economic inequality cited by Hood is in large part self-inflicted.

Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, pleaded, extolled and entreated young women to pursue mathematics and other science or engineering curriculum, which leads to superior career opportunities. Few did.

Self-made female role models such as Margaret Thatcher, who ascended to power by her own abilities, are ignored by feminists. Inexplicably, the tired bra-burners of the '60s pander to Clinton, a "kept woman" who should be kept out of the White House.

George Haralovich


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