Planning Commission delays considerations of downtown parking garage, transit center

Posted: Thursday, April 10, 2008

After a long night of staff reports and public testimony, the Planning Commission delayed its consideration of the entire downtown parking garage and transit center project, and of a conditional use permit for the transit center that was substantially modified the day of the meeting.

The commission will consider the two items at a special session at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Commissioners did approve an allowable use permit for the garage. It included conditions the project manager, city Deputy Engineering Director Rorie Watt, did not dispute.

But Watt objected to seven of the 11 conditions on the draft permit released by planners on Monday. By Tuesday, planners had modified some of the conditions, but the permit still included design modifications and other conditions Watt didn't think were appropriate according to code.

Commissioners have not begun to discuss the conditions yet.

Public testimony came from supporters and opponents of the project as a whole, the majority from the latter. Some people offered suggestions for carpooling and transit system improvements.

Before voting on the permit, Commissioner Maria Gladziszewski called the public testimony "well-considered."

"There is a limited number of things that this commission has to say about this project at this point," she said. "If those people are looking to the commission to make those kind of changes, the venue for that is somewhere else. It's not here," she added.

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