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Posted: Thursday, April 10, 2008

'There Will Be Blood'

Daniel Day-Lewis drank Paul Dano's milkshake and earned another Academy Award as a flamboyant, acquisitive and more than a little crazy oil pioneer in Paul Thomas Anderson's saga of early 20th-century greed and corruption. Day-Lewis won the best-actor prize for his towering performance as Daniel Plainview, whose single-minded determination to pull petroleum from the ground puts him on the path to destroy himself and everyone around him. Dano co-stars as a young preacher who proves that religious piety can be just as black-hearted as cutthroat commerce. Single DVD, $29.99; two-disc set, $29.99.

'The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep'

A boy and his sea monster. This family film featuring Emily Watson, Ben Chaplin and Brian Cox centers on a boy in Scotland who finds an egg that hatches a cuddly reptile, which quickly grows into a colossal friendly beast - and the most famous and elusive resident of Loch Ness. Two-disc set, $28.96; Blu-ray, $38.96.

'Lions for Lambs'

A lot of talent and ambition went into this box-office dud that was the first release from United Artists under its new overseers, Tom Cruise and producing partner Paula Wagner. One of a string of war-on-terror dramas generally ignored by audiences last fall, the movie stars Cruise as a senator with a bold new plan for the fight in Afghanistan, Meryl Streep as a jaded Washington journalist, Robert Redford as an idealistic professor, and Derek Luke and Michael Pena as U.S. soldiers in the line of fire. DVD, $29.98.

'Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story'

The latest laughfest from producer Judd Apatow ("Knocked Up," ''Superbad") earned fair praise from critics but could not bring in the crowds. Apatow and director Jake Kasdan spin an over-the-top parody of music biographies with their tale of the rise and fall and rise again of a rock icon (John C. Reilly) who lives an outrageous life of excess as he beds women, sires children and overindulges in every drug he can find. Single DVD, $28.95; two-disc set, $29.96; Blu-ray, $43.95.

'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen'

Terry Gilliam might stand as modern Hollywood's most-jinxed filmmaker, having waged epic battles against studio executives and blind fate to make films such as this, "Brazil" and "The Brothers Grimm," which starred Heath Ledger. Gilliam had to drastically alter the approach to his current fantasy, "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus," using Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell to take over Ledger's character after the actor died midway through production. "Baron Munchausen" stars John Neville, Uma Thurman, Eric Idle and Sarah Polley in a wild fantasy about an adventurer's impossible travels. DVD, $19.94; Blu-ray, $28.95.

TV on DVD:

"Sense & Sensibility" - DVD set, $34.98.

"Fortysomething" - DVD set, $39.99.

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