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Posted: Friday, April 10, 2009

Malik Jones

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Courtesy Of Nancy Lenhart
Courtesy Of Nancy Lenhart

Grade: 5th

School: Auke Bay elementary

What he says: "I am actor in the play. I really like to act because you can be someone besides your normal self. I also like the after school rehearsals, it's something better to do than T.V. I want to continue to act in middle school and other productions."

What his teacher, Ann Boochever, says about Malik:

"Malik Jones is a natural when it comes to acting. Maybe it's because his father Eddie Jones is an actor. Whatever the reason, it is a treat to work with Malik. "

"He is playing the part of Lord Ashtinbaum in our Colonial American play, "The Tree of Peace: The Origins of Democracy in America." He is the British-appointed lord who serves as the narrator during the historic Albany Congress of 1754. He plays the part with great pomp and splendor. He has adopted a sophisticated British accent and his whole body conveys his regal status. He has even helped create a new scene. "

"Malik is interested in being in more plays and I'm sure he will be a great addition to any production. He is a truly gifted actor."

Mark Puliafico

Grade: 5th

School: Auke Bay Elementary

Role: Sound technician for current school production.

What he says: "I like the sound effects because its fun, I like using all the switches. Learning the lights looked interesting and challenging with all the buttons. If I get to do plays in middle school, I want to continue to do the technical part. I like watching the play from where I sit. "

"They could do the play without all the lights and sound, but it wouldn't be near as interesting without it."

What his teacher, Ann Boochever (music teacher and play producer), says about Mark:

"Mark Puliafico is a hard worker and focused. That is a good thing for his fellow classmates in the 5th grade play "The Tree of Peace." Mark is in charge of all the 'sound effects' for the play. "

"Since there are over a dozen different sound effects, this is a difficult job. He has to know every 'cue' and be able to bring in the sound effect at exactly the right time. If his timing is off at all, it throws the whole cast off."

"Mark is kind of the 'glue' that holds the whole play together. He never misses a rehearsal even if that means staying in for recess.

"He is a very important person in our play and we are very glad he is our sound-effects technician."

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