Palin deserves praise in handling Senate replacement

Posted: Friday, April 10, 2009

I praise Gov. Sarah Palin for her efforts to present a Senate replacement that fairly represents all of Juneau. The narrow minded nature of the local Democratic leadership was set forth when the party presented one name to Palin for consideration. Why now should the Juneau public sit back and trust that the Democratic leadership will be "fair" in its presentation of candidates?

I blame the Democratic leadership for the mishaps in getting expedient representation for Juneau in the Senate. And to have a closed door caucus of the Senate Democrats to decide Juneau's fate is the farthest from "Juneau's choice" that I have witnessed thus far.

Place blame where blame is due, on the local and Senate Democratic leadership, not on the governor, who listened to the Juneau residents, requesting for further evaluation of the nominees for Senate.

Christa Hagan


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