Palin should look out for future of Alaskans

Posted: Friday, April 10, 2009

I urge Gov. Sarah Palin to accept Alaska's total share of federal stimulus money. This means that in addition to House Bill 161, the rest of the stimulus funds should be included in Alaska's request.

I, and many others I talk with, are afraid that Palin is now more concerned with her future notoriety and national level politics than she is about what is best for Alaska. This will affect you in our state's future elections.

If Palin really cares about Alaska, as she says she does, she should care for the well-being and the future of all Alaskans. She should stop listening to the National Republican Party and accept 100 percent of the federal stimulus funds.

Palin can't know what the future brings for Alaska, but she could be remembered for what she didn't bring. Her job is to make sure Alaska moves forward with alternative energy, improved education and accessible health care, especially rural Alaska. As clever as Palin is, I'm certain she can use 100 percent of the stimulus funds to find ways to stimulate jobs, keep Alaskans independent and our state thriving.

Stacy Goade


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