Levi Johnston says he could provide for baby son

Posted: Friday, April 10, 2009

ANCHORAGE - The 19-year-old father of Gov. Sarah Palin's first grandson says he doesn't have a steady job, but knows he could take care of his baby son.

In an interview broadcast Thursday on CBS's "The Early Show," Levi Johnston says he speaks frequently with his son's mother, ex-finance Bristol Palin, the governor's 18-year-old daughter.

Johnston says their talks aren't chatty. He's just checking on how his son, Tripp, is doing.

Johnston, his mother and sister appeared in the two-part interview together. In the first part, broadcast Wednesday, Johnston complained he doesn't get enough alone time with his son.

In the second, the Johnstons say they hope Levi can work out a custody agreement with Bristol.

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