Local big air skier headed to Haines competition

Posted: Friday, April 10, 2009

Local free and urban skier Jarrett Thomas will be heading to Haines this weekend to take part in the annual big air competition on Three Guardsmen Mountain.

Courtesy Of Herb Law
Courtesy Of Herb Law

A 2008 graduate of Juneau-Douglas High School, Thomas has taken part in six similar contests in recent years, but the Haines competition will be his first outside of Juneau - and one of his first steps towards a professional dream.

"I've done pretty good so far (in contests) actually," Thomas said. "I got first at the last one held (in Juneau), and placed pretty well in a couple other ones."

Thomas said he hasn't been working on any fresh tricks for the competition, which he heard about from a friend and fellow skier in Haines. Instead, he said he will rely on his "stock competition tricks" and a training regiment that included hitting Eaglecrest "nearly" every day this season and even some urban skiing with a core group of friends.

More than just a resident Eaglecrest bum, Thomas has helped build the hill's freestyle park in recent years and even pitched and petitioned the mountain staff for the park years ago.

"We just got a petition list together and worked together with (the staff) to get everything worked out," Thomas said. "My friends and I had taken a couple of metal classes and they already had some rails made, so we just set those up. It worked out really good. We just had Bobcat build the jumps and we just kind of shaped them."

Now Thomas is hoping to push his career - which began with other locals on past Juneau-shown movies - by "getting the name out there" with the Haines competition.

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