Only the righteous

Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2001

After reading Rev. Caroline Bruschi's letter in Tuesday's Empire, I realize that the Republican majority in the Senate hasn't gone quite far enough.

Although they have voted to eliminate all funding for the Department of Health and Social Services if they provide funding for abortions for poor women, they might want to consider some other departments. Poor women who have abortions may decide to go back to high school or even enroll in college. Therefore, the Legislature should also eliminate funding for the Department of Education and the University of Alaska. Poor women who have abortions will surely be using roads and/or airports and/or ferries to get abortions, so therefore all funding for the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities should be eliminated. Since it's also possible that some members of the Senate majority have had an abortion, or have known - in the biblical sense or otherwise - a woman who has had an abortion, all funding for the Senate should also be eliminated.

Let's not stop at half-measures. Let's hunt those witches, devils and sinners wherever we find them. Then there will only be righteous people like you and me left - and I'm not really sure about you.

Judy Crondahl


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