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Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2001

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We already have a social disaster of unimaginable proportions in the United States today. That disaster is a very profitable business of helping women to end the lives of their unborn babies, namely abortion. Due to court intervention, taxpayers are forced to pay for abortions. The United States government should not be subsidizing the abortion industry. Tax dollars should not be used for the elected destruction of human life. Life-giving alternatives must be made available for women and families. Thank you to all of the legislators who are working to stop government funding of abortions.

Mary Dye

To the community of Juneau: Whoever is hiding my daughter, Hollie Toland, will they please contact the Juneau Police Department or send her home. You are hiding a runaway. She needs to go home and face her problems, not continue to run away from them. If you see her please call the Juneau Police Department or make her go home. Thank you.

Angie Walker

I think it's preposterous that the city is considering to spend $3 million on an ice-skating rink when the current animal shelter is in a building that ought to be condemned. Thank you.

Atam Gits

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