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Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2002

Can you believe it? After spending $250,000 of the public's money to challenge the work of the Alaska Redistricting Board, the Republican-dominated Legislature now refuses to give the constitutionally mandated redistricting board the money necessary to finish its work.

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Redistricting board is broke; forced to ask for funds

The work that the Alaska Redistricting Board now undertakes in necessitated by the court challenges of Republican legislative leaders and others. The Alaska Supreme Court has ruled that some adjustments must be made in the district lines. It is now the responsibility of legislators to appropriate enough money for the board to finish its task.

Why are these Republican legislative leaders dragging their feet? Could it be they hope that by delaying the process the election will be run under the current unconstitutional districts, some of which are unfairly out of balance and disrupt the one-person, one-vote principle? The Republican legislative leaders could delay the process by refusing to give the redistricting board more money or by continuing to litigate whatever plan the board adopts next. Expect more attempts to delay the adoption and implementation of new district lines that fairly implement the one person, one vote principle.

Barbara Karl


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