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Posted: Sunday, April 11, 2004

Here is something I've been pondering and haven't heard a thing on with the whole permanent fund dividend issue.

We as citizens of the state should take the pay out of the PFDs but should also have it protected by law to only fund schools and schools only. People say people would leave the state after that, but that's fine.

But if Alaska's education system was like a crown jewel, then many more people would move to this state when considering job placement here. It's absurd the state has all this cash but it's tied up in the dividends and our school system is falling apart and so many residents of the state don't want new taxes but they want the dividends and are willing to let schools sink in performance.

If we as residents took the pay out and made sure the dividends were protected as well as they are by law now but for the school system, we'd turn out top-notch students, improve our economy and end the brain drain now going on in the state with a lot of students leaving to further their education.

Alaska has so much to offer. We need to end our greed over a simple $1,000 and put it toward our schools. In five years we can have the best schools in the country and many more people would be like, "Wow, you went to school in Alaska, you're hired or accepted to our master's program."

James A. Williams Jr.


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