Don't change bus schedule

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, April 11, 2004

Changing the bus schedule would really hurt me. The bus is my only form of transportation. I don't own a car. I have clients at the university and in their homes throughout this city and the Valley. I work in the client's home, so it's hard enough to arrange tutoring around the client schedule and the buses. Going back to every hour would be almost impossible for me. I also have to think about the buses' scheduled time and walking to and from the bus stop to the client's home. Sometimes I am almost a half-hour early as it is now.

Because I live in Douglas I have to transfer two or three times already. If they change the schedule it will cost me two hours on each end. The one hour on each end as it is now is bad enough. When I have a client in the Valley I sometimes have to wait almost 40 minutes for the next bus that is going in the correct direction. If they change the schedule it could be an hour and 40 minutes that I would have to wait.

I use a bus pass now because it is the least costly way. The fare is high enough, but I would much rather see an increase to $2 and not a change in the schedule. The bus system is marginal at best and if they go backwards it will be even worse.

Changing the schedule is not a good idea.

Stan K. Marston


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