Legislative roundup

Posted: Sunday, April 11, 2004

Bills introduced last week:

• Drug felonies: House Bill 551 would prohibit the Department of Education from issuing teaching certificates to people who have been convicted of misconduct involving a controled substance.

• Gaming commission: HB 552 would establish an Alaska Gaming Commission in the Department of Revenue.

• Permanent Fund appropriations: HB 553 relates to investments, income and appropriations of the permanent fund.

• Sea otters: House Joint Resolution 44 relates to research into the decline of the Southwest Alaska population of the northern sea otter.

• U.S. Representatives: HJR 45 would request Congress to propose a constitutional amendment providing that a vacancy in the House of Representatives can be filled by appointment until an election is held.

• Permanent fund: HJR 46 would propose amendments to the state constitution relating to the permanent fund.

• Permanent fund: HJR 47 would propose more amendments to the state constitution relating to the permand fund.

• Pollution discharge: Senate Bill 378 relates to regulation of the discharge of pollutants from timber-related activities..

• Homeland security: SB 379 would establish the Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in the Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs.

Bills voted on last week:

• Domestic violence (passed Senate): HB 398 allows the commissioner of public safety to establish domestic violence fatality review teams around the state.

Vote - Yeas: 20

Sen. Kim Elton (D) - Yea

• Pipelines (passed House): SB 264 repeals the time limitation on the Department of Natural Resources' authority to enter into agreements with potential owners of oil or gas pipelines.

Vote - Yeas: 39; Excused: 1

Rep. Beth Kerttula (D) - Yea

Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch (R) - Yea

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