Wisconsin man's attack on Stevens was unjustified

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, April 11, 2005

You printed a letter from R.M. Burnhan of Madison, Wis., (April 7) which was both savage and disingenuous in his characterization of Sen. Ted Stevens. Most of us here in Juneau know the Empire to be both liberal and Democratic in outlook, and that is fine. It is an honest viewpoint and over the years has had much to recommend it. But to print a letter from Wisconsin with a vile attack upon an Alaskan who has spent his entire life in public service requires a reply. From Wisconsin, the state which gave us McCarthyism? Mr. Burnhan's lengthy diatribe is unworthy of a detailed refutation, but it does seem necessary for someone to reject his printed comments. Burnhan seems to hold Mr. Stevens guilty of being without merit for having failed to enshrine into law every piece of liberal aspiration ever proposed. And I would ask of Burnhan and others of his ilk, what of the hundreds of thousands of Alaskans who for 30 years have supported the senator? Are we so bereaved of our senses that we would continue to support what Mr. Burnhan holds to be an evil demon? And by the way, when Democrats controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House, did they fail to deliver Mr. Burnhan's perfect world? Some of use consider this to be fortuitous, and consider Sen. Stevens to be an outstanding public servant.

Andy Pope


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