Ketchikan should vote no on dock expansion

Posted: Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The number one reason to vote no on the proposed dock expansion and renovations in Ketchikan is the $38.5 million bond debt on city residents. Who is going to benefit the most and pay the least? The few people who have the most conflict of interest are the people who own businesses and properties on the waterfront in Newtown and downtown. The residents are being asked to take all the risks and get none of the benefits, except a $38.5 million debt bond. Instead of keeping the tourist congestion, downtown now will extend through Newtown, creating larger congestion problems.

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It is true that the tourists coming to Ketchikan will pay for the bond debt, but only if they come to Ketchikan. What happens if the proposed bridge to nowhere is constructed? The super-sized tour ships will be unable to navigate Tongass Narrows to tie up to your new, expanded docks. The possibilities are there to cause tour ships to bypass Ketchikan, and the city residents will be liable to pay the bond debt - reasons to vote no for dock expansion on April 11.

In closing, the people who own tourist shops downtown hope you vote for the dock expansion and renovations - so they can take more money south for the winter. The voters said no to dock expansion before. Vote no on dock expansion and renovations.

Don Hoff Jr., former vice mayor of Ketchikan

Hixson, Tenn.

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