Tee Harbor residents won't sit still for this

Posted: Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I was shocked by the Empire's article about the Tee Harbor vehicle-boat ramp access being in jeopardy (March 23). While it is nice and also convenient for people to launch their boats there, what was overlooked is the provided access to the homes just to the north and east of this access road. This is the only vehicular access to the homes north of the ramp. The homes to the east of the ramp also use this public beach access, but they also have other vehicular access to their properties.

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We of southern Tee Harbor have used this important beach access to our homes for many years, so even the threatened loss of our beach access causes us grave concern.

An ex-neighbor once attempted to purchase this same Alaska Mental Health Trust parcel in order to deny public access but was informed that although the purchase was possible, the public would still have the right of eminent domain to continue using the land after the purchase was made.

If the folks at the Alaska Mental Health Trust think that we of Tee Harbor will sit still and allow a home to be built in the middle of our driveway, then they are crazy!

Mark S. Patterson

Tee Harbor

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