Stars shine at Southeast Shootout

Tournament featured teams from eight cities

Posted: Tuesday, April 11, 2006

While the adults competed at the Juneau Lions Club Gold Medal Tournament, the youth took to the court for the 2006 Princess Cruises/HoopTime Southeast Shootout from March 28-April 1.

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The tournament featured middle school teams from Juneau, Sitka, Petersburg, Angoon, Hoonah, Haines, Ketchikan and Nome.

The teams from Juneau were represented by HoopTime.

There were 36 exhibition games and championship battles in six different divisions.

The following is a list of the championships games, all-tournament teams and various awards.

Girls C Bracket

Final: HoopTime 6 37, Hoopmania 6 (Ketchikan) 20

Sportsmanship award: HoopTime 5.

All-Tournament: Syerra Braaten, Haines; Marissa Brakes, HoopTime 5; Malin Murray, HoopTime 5; Allie Zarate, Ketchikan; Shyanne Singstad, Ketchikan; Karissa Jackson, HoopTime 6; Ariel Chamberlain, HoopTime 6; Jessica Pringle, Ketchikan.

Best Defensive Player: Hannah Wing, Haines.

Most Valuable Player: Alesa Abbott, HoopTime 6.

Boys C Bracket

Final: HoopTime 6 51, Sitka 45

Sportsmanship award: HoopTime 5.

All-Tournament: Phillip Fenumiai, HoopTime 5; Nick Bursell, HoopTime 5; Joe Mudry, Sitka; John Palaci, Sitka; Jeff Howard, Sitka; Gabe Ryobal, HoopTime 6; Darien Stanger, Ketchikan; Josh Pettijohn, HoopTime 6.

Best Defensive Player: Austin Badger, HoopTime 6.

Most Valuable Player: Ben Shaw, HoopTime 6.

Girls B Bracket

Final: Ketchikan 46, Hoonah 22

Sportsmanship award: Petersburg

All-Tournament: Kylene Hedlund, Petersburg; Maria Weyhrauch, HoopTime 7; Brittany Donahue, HoopTime 7; Gina Norris, Hoonah; Melissa Fisher, Hoonah; Jordan Sheakley, Hoonah; Erin Doherty, Ketchikan; Shana Simleness, Ketchikan.

Best Defensive Player: Morgan Felter, Petersburg.

Most Valuable Player: Talia Rose, Ketchikan.

Boys B Bracket

Final: HoopTime 7 62, Haines 40

Sportsmanship award: Sitka

All-Tournament: Joel Koenig, Hoonah; Luke Clayton, Sitka; Devan Romina, Sitka; Colin Gozelski, HoopTime 7; Justin Brooks, HoopTime 7; Tyler Swinton, Haines; Kyle Rush, Haines; Charles Baltzell, Haines.

Best Defensive Player: VJ Carlos, Sitka.

Most Valuable Player: Ben Hotch, HoopTime 7.

Girls A Bracket

Final: HoopTime 8 59, Ketchikan 40

Sportsmanship award: Sitka.

All-Tournament: Karli Brakes, HoopTime 7; Kathryn Medinger, Sitka; Fusi Puletau, Sitka; Emily Johnson, HoopTime 8; Brittany Fenumiai, HoopTime 8; Danika May, Ketchikan; Dawnielle Sereup, Ketchikan; Caira Patton, Ketchikan.

Best Defensive Player: Olivia Henderson, HoopTime 7.

Most Valuable Player: Kristen Dierick, HoopTime 8.

Boys A Bracket

Final: Nome 62, HoopTime 8 61 OT

Sportsmanship award: Sitka

All-Tournament: Logan Lee, Sitka; Kyle Fossman, Haines; Easton Hagwood, Haines; Junior Samuel, Nome; Jon Wongittilin, Nome; Reese Saviers, HoopTime 8; Victor Wilson, HoopTime 8; Buzzy Hotch, HoopTime 8.

Best Defensive Player: Mikey Wongittilin, Nome.

Most Valuable Player: Jeremy Head, Nome.

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