Why just single out Juneau fans for shame?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2007

To whom is Frances Natkong speaking? (See Friday's Juneau Empire.) Who should be ashamed?

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I was unaware that only residents of Juneau were allowed to spectate at the Gold Medal Tournament. I was under the impression Juneau was the city picked to host the tournament.

I'm from Haines originally and currently live in Juneau. I've seen the crowds at Gold Medal get hostile and down right petty in their cheers, however, I also have witnessed guests from all over Alaska sitting in the gym alongside Juneau residents. How can Natkong be so sure that Juneau fans are the only ones to blame for unsportsmanship-like behavior? Is she sure there wasn't even one Hydaburg fan booing in that gym during the games?

If I am wrong, then I do apologize, and I thank Natkong for bringing our shameless attitudes into clear daylight. Better hopes for next year right?

Bethany J. Hartmann


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