Letter: More harm than good

Posted: Thursday, April 12, 2001

I am opposed to abortion and the funding of abortions with public funds. However, I am appalled at Sen. Kelly's proposal to eliminate the funding for the Department of Health and Social Services if the state is forced by the judiciary to fund abortions for low-income women.

The Republican senators' complaint is with the judiciary, yet this action would not affect the judiciary at all. Rather, it would eliminate vital services for the most needy in our state. While I, too, disagree at times with our judiciary, I am glad that we have the checks and balances built into our system, a system that the Republican senators are trying to circumvent by this threat. A judiciary that caves in to this type of threat is basically powerless. If Sen. Kelly feels that the judiciary has overstepped its bounds, he should work toward having them removed rather than attempting this brinkmanship.

I question, too, whether Sen. Kelly has thought through the results of his proposal. If it is adopted, every abortion-rights group in the country will raise funds in order to make abortions available to low-income Alaskans. Abortions will not decrease, but people with disabilities will lose funding, public health offices will shut down, and services for the low-income Alaskan children that are born will be eliminated. This proposal would provide ample ammunition for pro-choice advocates. It is causing more harm than good for the pro-life movement

Patrick Minick


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