Break the cycle of war

Posted: Monday, April 12, 2004

What a surprise.

Now that we've captured Saddam Hussein, we're fighting against Muqtada al-Sadr, a Shiite priest, and instead of fighting only Saddam's Sunni hold-outs, we've opened a second front, fighting members of Iraq's Shiite majority.

If al-Sadr is captured or killed, it's a safe bet another Iraqi extremist will come forward to take his place.

So it is with this war, and with all wars. Wars do not bring peace. They bring animosity, hatred, aggression, and ultimately, more war. World War I brought World War II. World War II brought the Cold War. The Cold War brought wars in Korea and Vietnam. The 1991 Persian Gulf War inspired Osama bin Laden, who brought war against America, which sparked the War on Terrorism, which led George Bush to start the Iraq war. Iraq, like all our wars, is killing and maiming our young and bleeding our treasury.

President Bush and his cronies would have us believe that terrorists, or Muslim extremists, or "people who hate freedom" are our enemy.

Don't buy it. War is our enemy. War is the way madmen and spoiled children try to get their way in the world, using other people's lives and money. When they come for your son or your vote for this war, keep in mind the words of Nancy Reagan. Just say no.

We can break the cycle of war. It's time we start.

Tom Morphet


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