World War II in Juneau remembered

Posted: Friday, April 13, 2001

Juneau-Douglas City Museum curator Mary Pat Wyatt, is shown receiving original 1942 Juneau U.S. Army signs from historian and retired lieutenant colonel Jim Ruotsala in February. Army Garrison Juneau - better known then as 'DuckCreek' - had a staff of more than 500 permanent Army personnel and during World War II processed more than 12,000 troops.


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Photo Courtesy of Jim Ruotsala

The signs were donated by Mary Keith Burns, nee Riegle. Lt. Col. Roy W. Riegle - Burns' father - commanded the garrison for 18 months. The signs were used on his headquarters building and car space. The 'Creekside Drive' sign was for the garrison's main street. Riegle went on to serve as Gen. Douglas MacArthur's civil affairs officer and eventually retired as a full colonel.

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