Hypocrites opposing development

Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I would like to respond to the "Cut fossil fuels" letter that was in the Friday, April 9, Empire. It's funny how people who: are opposed to logging like to live in wood houses; are opposed to mining like to wear gold jewelry; opposed to fishing yet like to eat fish; opposed to hunting but enjoy eating most of the food in the animal kingdom; and oppose drilling for oil but love the fact that their homes are heated and have electricity.

I am tired of the "save everything" hypocritical organizations who don't practice what they preach and perpetrate false information to achieve the goal of "nobody uses it."

We have more forest in the United States now than we did in 1940. Yet these "save the trees" groups use the cry "our forests are disappearing" to generate funds and sympathy from ignorant politicians to stop logging, roads, snowmachining or any use for that matter. Take a good look around you and prove to me the National Park Service hasn't used every means possible to limit access for all users of the parks across our nation. Prove to me the justification to stop logging while trees are rotting on the stump. Show me the justification for importing our oil while paying big bucks for gas and oil because we make no attempt to drill for our own.

When someone writes a letter opposing any development while stating the public opposes it, the word "some" should be in front of the word "public" because if you haven't figured it out, this writer strongly disagrees with the opinion expressed in the "Cut fossil fuels letter.

When it's all said and done history will show that environmental nutcases will have cost this nation more loss of jobs and damage to the economy than any other single entity ever. I support the governor and President Bush because they see through the smokescreen of misinformation and hidden agendas. Have you ever wondered how much money these "save everything" groups rake in and where they spend it?

John Mielke


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