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Posted: Wednesday, April 13, 2005

... for help in struggle

I wanted to thank the many people who kept me and my children and Gilbert James' children and family in their prayers during his struggle with cancer. Thanks to the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Corporation doctors, nurses and Andrea Cadiente-Laiti, patient advocate; the doctors and nurses at the Alaska Native Medical Center and my son Chris who helped us when he was in Anchorage by making our travel less difficult.

The Salvation Army, Hospice, the Alaska Native Brotherhood Camp #2, Alaska Native Sisterhood Camp #2 and Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska were so supportive.

Your kindness uplifted us. In keeping with traditional custom, we invite you to join the James and Coronell families at Gilbert's 40-day party at 5:30 p.m., April 25, at the Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall.

... for raising funds

Recently, there were four large fund-raising events: the Southeast Alaska Foodbank's Thanksgiving in March (in April this year); the Fahrenkamp Classic golf tournament, which benefits Bartlett Foundation; the UAS Alumni Annual Dinner and Auction; and the Discovery Foundation's fund-raiser. Nearly $100,000 was raised among the groups, and that money stays in and benefits Juneau.

There was a letter in the Anchorage Daily News written by Tom Brennan, titled "We risk raising generation of jerks," wherein he stated, "Too many Alaskans have the idea that the need to help others is somebody else's responsibility." I want to say that it's not true with those who participated in all these fundraisers. People truly believe that we can help others, and they demonstrated that. Thank you citizens of Juneau.

Laraine Derr


... to all at Bartlett

On March 25, in the wee hours of the morning, one of my greatest fears was becoming a reality. I was in Juneau with my eight-year old autistic daughter when I was overcome with pain. Having no family and few friends in Juneau, I could think of no one to call, but knew that I needed to get to the hospital.

My daughter was terrified and would not come in to the exam room with me, refusing to leave the waiting room. She couldn't be left alone. She has very limited communication skills, and I was afraid that she might wander outside to be hit by a car or disappear into the woods.

I need to thank all the wonderful ER nurses, the security guard and Russ from the Psych Unit for all the help they gave us and all the compassion they showed. The hospital is not set up for these situations, yet they came through for us, helped me and kept my daughter safe. The nurses contacted REACH, and just as I suspected and hoped, they came to the rescue. These are extraordinary people, generous of heart and overflowing with compassion. At 7:00 a.m., Bev Ingrahm showed up at the hospital and was able to talk my daughter into getting into her car and returning to the hotel where Bev watched her. Then Erin relieved Bev and two hours later, Carrie relieved Erin. By noon, my husband was able to fly in from Pelican. Autistic kids are by no means a piece of cake. They can be a challenge for their families and utterly baffling to strangers. To the people who work at REACH, autistic people are just people who need a little more patience and to be handled a little more delicately. The people who work at REACH are extraordinary, showing us all what a powerful force compassion can be.

I need to thank Cheryl Young and Alaska Seaplane Service for getting my husband to Juneau as quickly as possible. To my friend Susan Bowman, who came and sat at my side in the middle of the night and made phone calls for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And to Collette Costa, who closed down her fledgling diner for the day to be with me until I left for surgery, thank you. You are a true friend (and you really need a home phone). These people all went out of their way and did what no one could expect of them. They are compassionate, generous, big-hearted people and they deserve our admiration. Thank you all.

Vicki Shockey


...for helping with Story "tell-a-thon"

Arts for Kids would like to extend a huge thank you to all the people who helped with our first annual Story "tell-a-thon," held March 12 in the Nugget Mall Community Room. Our goal was to fund-raise money needed for a matching grant the school district has applied for which would support a comprehensive art program in our public elementary schools. Warmest thanks to all the storytellers who so generously shared their wonderful tales with the public. These individuals include the following people: Ishmael Hope, Lily Hudson, Lyle James, George Holly, Brett Dillingham, Allen Hayton, Greg Brown, Amalia McCarthy, Anne C. Fuller, Margie Hamburger and Becky Bear.

A huge thank you also to Juan Munoz for so generously donating an unlimited supply of Rie Munoz prints as gifts to contributors of $100 (offer still available through Arts for Kids); Jeff Brown for sharing a wealth of ideas as well as sound equipment; Melissa McCormick of Creativation for materials loaned to decorate the room; Heather Ridgway and Brenda Taylor for helping decorate the room with wonderful art work created by Harborview, Auke Bay and district elementary EL students; Kaitlyn Bausler for making the painter's palate and helping children paint in donations throughout the day; MK MacNaughton for designing our advertising poster and flyer; the bakers at Alaskan and Proud for the cake they donated and to all the friends of Arts for Kids who baked wildly colorful and creative art theme cakes which we shared with the public.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who came to enjoy the storytelling and to all who so generously donated to Arts for Kids.

Suzanne Malter

Arts for Kids

... for helping recycle

Friends of Recycling would like to thank the following businesses and volunteers for helping make our second magazine and catalog collection a success. We collected 15,000 pounds of glossy paper on March 26. Good job Juneau! Big thanks go to Mendenhall Auto for the use of their tent and to Larry White, Chris Morrow and the Alaska Department of Transportation, along with Southeast Furniture Warehouse. Further thanks go to KTOO, KJNO, Dean Blust, Michael Hoskins, Maria Mattson, Laisne Waldron, Nancy Waterman, Linda Deakins, Liz Clark, Jason Messing, Julianna Singh, Janet Grange, Tim Ewing, Pat Harris, Vaughn Wescott, Judy Cernobly, Isabel Bush, Megan Bush, Margot Knuth, Carol Hedlin, Odette Foster, Doug Edgar, Karen Walter, Joey Bosworth, Adrienne Bosworth, Tristan, Susan Andrews, Rosemary Slotnick, Carol Anderson, Erica, Spencer Thomas, Sherry Summerville, Cindy Scott, Sondra Stanway, Marsha Buck and Bonita Williams.

Our next event will be held May 21. Thanks again to everyone.

Terry Tavel

Friends of Recycling

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