Give all Alaskans medical insurance

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 13, 2007

As I get older, some things that seemed black and white get more gray. Nevertheless, expanding medical insurance coverage and increasing access to medical care are goals that most of us can agree on.

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Medical insurance provides a cushion in times of medical crisis and allows people to receive medical care before there is a crisis. Both the state of Alaska and the federal government are looking for ways to generally expand medical insurance coverage. Federal House Bill 525 allows small businesses to group together to purchase health insurance (small-business health plans). Alaska House Bill 140 and state Senate Bill 87 increases Denali KidCare coverage for pregnant women and children.

Our recent advisory vote to deny health insurance to same-sex partners is a step backwards. Let's spend our time, energy and resources on expanding medical insurance availability for all Alaskans.

Monica Gross


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