JCVB supports parking facility

Posted: Sunday, April 13, 2008

The board of directors of the Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau, representing nearly 300 Juneau businesses, fully supports the downtown parking facility.

The development of the garage project, including its location and cost, has been a topic of discussion for several years. The city's development of the project has been performed in a responsible manner, and residents have had more than adequate opportunity for public comment throughout the design process. A number of community representatives have also volunteered their time and expertise to help with the development of this voter-approved facility.

The parking garage will greatly improve the bus, bike and private vehicle needs of residents, legislators and Juneau's year-round visitors. More importantly, the parking garage is tangible evidence that Juneau cares about being the capital city and is willing to provide the infrastructure needed to make Juneau a convenient place to do business, whether it is in the private or government sector.

Attempts to scuttle the project at this late date with threats of a voter referendum are a waste of community time and money and give further fuel to criticisms that Juneau doesn't take being the capital seriously.

We commend city staff for their efforts to bring this important project to completion.

Lorene Palmer


Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau

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