Juneau cuts necessities, while paying for extras

Posted: Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Back a few years ago when the entire nation was facing an economic and government budget downturn, when all governments started facing tough choices, Juneau still acted like it was the free-flowing 1990s. We pushed through the ice rink, Eaglecrest services and the waterfront plan, and a cosmetic (but debatably un-educational) readjustment of Juneau-Douglas High School.

Now, just like everybody else, I love recreation. I like to feel good about myself. But I realize that I pay for the decisions that so-called "liberals" make (really upper-middle class boomers looking for comfort) with my sales tax and with the added price to my rent from the property tax. Meanwhile, the buses are getting cut and the rates are rising, a huge high school is in the works, and other essential services are getting cut. I just wish I had the money to buy skis or ice skates and pay the fee so I could see what I'm paying for. Is the food cheap there?

Ishmael Hope


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