Time for regime change in this country too

Posted: Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Here we are in our magnificence, our indifference, the new Rome, complete with our senators, our political dynasties, our emperors-in-waiting. As the world's only remaining superpower our military can rain death from the skies virtually anywhere in the world.

Our tax dollars and our indifference brought this about; I'm just wondering how our Nation's quest for liberty has brought us to this point? Now we are the foreign invader, the conqueror of nations.

Four "contractors" get killed in Falluja, so we go in to "pacify" to the tune of several hundred civilian casualties.

We pay for these policies with the lives of our young people, with the growing resentment and hatred of a world of human beings that do not hate freedom, and with our time and money, our lives.

There has never been a "just" war. War is an illegitimate means to an immoral end, a shortcut for the powerful and greedy few, and it always has been.

Osama and Saddam do have one important thing in common - us. We trained and armed both of them. That's how we "knew" Saddam had weapons of mass destruction - we sold them to him.

I'm for regime change in November.

Jamison Paul


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