Wake up, America: Pay attention and vote

Posted: Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Let's take a step back and, without taking party sides, evaluate the condition of politics in America today. With another election just around the proverbial corner, I find it necessary to point out a few disgusting truths we all seem to be ignoring.

First, and I'm sure everyone reading this is tired of hearing it, the lack of voter turnout is appalling. Many men have died for the simple reason that we govern ourselves through the election of representative officials. Why then do we feel the need to ignore that right at a point in history such as this?

Why does it seem that both parties are not out for the good of the country but rather the good of their supporters and parties' pockets? The American government was not set up so politicians can rub the backs of their supporters, or the causes of those supporters. While that may get you elected, it's not helping the future of this country any.

Finally, why can you ask the average person on any random street who their elected officials are or what current bills are in Congress that directly affect them, and they have no clue? America as a whole is uninformed about the status of their country. They hear about issues through television news programs; and regardless of your political affiliation, or which news program you prefer, they never discuss anything but the biggest of bills and laws being discussed/passed. We need to take an active role in politics here in America. The reactionary policy we've been following is not the intended way our government and populous are to interact.

We must wake up America. Our political system is fully dependent on the involvement of the public and we are failing in our part. Continuing in this manner is not going to solve America's problems. Individual votes matter, regardless of how insignificant you think they may be, but voting without having any idea about the candidate other than television commercials is not any better. Become informed, get involved, support democracy.

Ben Madison


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