GOP opposes personal liberty
Gov. Frank Murkowski's current push to recriminalize marijuana is the issue most representative of my utter disillusionment with the Republican Party.

Media used wrong polls in Schiavo case
It's now been shown that the polls that were widely reported in the mainstream media leading up to Terri Schiavo's death were biased polls with "leading" questions. The latest unbiased polling from Zogby shows the nation clearly supporting Terri and her parents and wanting to protect the lives of other disabled patients. By a whopping 79 percent to 9 percent, Americans responding to the Zogby poll said that disabled patients like Terri Schiavo should not have food and water taken away.

Leave the mine alone
We all cannot be so lucky to have a good paying job working for the federal, state or city government here in Alaska; nor would all of us want those jobs.

Race not relevant
I would like to ask, regarding the April 7, 2005, edition under the AlaskaDigest section, covered under the headline "Juneau man identified in Petersburg murder," why you decided that your readers needed to know that the 29-year old victim was an Alaska Native, and what that distinction might have had to do with the story?

Label all seafood with point of origin
Sustainable salmon fisheries provide critical jobs and food for Americans throughout the Pacific.

Dedicate funds for Juneau harbors
Ben Brown's My Turn was an interesting perspective on Eaglecrest Ski Area. While I agree with most of what he wrote, I believe the same things can be said for our small boat harbors.

Use current space for government
Here's my say about a new capitol building and whether it should be built in Juneau or elsewhere.

Natives still waiting for land claims
In regard to the recent House Bill 130, which transfers 260,000 acres of state land to the University of Alaska for development, is this a handout or land grab or an economic bill?

Photo: A time for change
Lowell Ford, a mechanic for Foreign Auto Repair downtown, removes studded snow tires Tuesday. Juneau drivers have until Friday to get rid of the winter gear.

Uptown and downtown converge in Port Townsend
I have often wondered how the word downtown is different from uptown. Port Townsend, Wash., provides the answer.

Liability concerns cut down on birth choices
Amy Mead and her doctor both care about the health of the baby she will deliver in three months, but a recent medical policy shift for Juneau has them disagreeing on how to deliver the child.

Hobo musician to play tonight
Years ago, after he had already traveled through most of the Lower 48 and all parts of the world, Vermont singer-storyteller Rik Palieri was given his "hobo name" by songwriter and humorist Utah Phillips.

Expanded Valley subdivision to be closed to through traffic
When the final phase of the Erin Manor subdivision becomes a neighborhood, it shouldn't be on a Mendenhall Valley thoroughfare, city planners decided Tuesday night.

Tapes show Harmon was early suspect
During the search for Maggie Wigen two years ago in Tenakee Springs, the 26-year-old man now standing trial in her killing said he and the woman had one thing in common.

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers

Property owners disagree with city over tax assessments
Property owners throughout Juneau are complaining of skyrocketing tax assessments this month, and dozens have appealed to the city.

Going undercover as a tourist
I am the enemy of happiness. Ruining people's fun at Disneyland, Vegas or Santa's visit to the mall is my obsession, in the eyes of professionals who oversee such things.

Photo: Dining out
A Sitka blacktail deer forages Wednesday on greens on the hillside above the Auke Bay Ferry Terminal. After a long winter, deer eat to build fat reserves.

Other places to see in Port Townsend
Last fall, we stayed at the beautifully decorated Holly Hill House (B & B). Homemade marshmallows, cookies, port and sherry are available at all times in the lounge.

Replacing one of our high-rise sidewalks
Mark Millea, a carpenter for Arete Construction, rebuilds the stairway at Franklin and Sixth streets Tuesday. Millea has been working for the past two weeks on the 90-step staircase and will have it done in a week.

Photo: But will it fly?
A pair of outboards lend a pickup an amphibious look last week at the boat harbor in Petersburg.

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers

Folk fest schedule
Today's Folk Fest lineup

Alaska Folk Festival schedule
Today's Folk Fest Lineup

Around Town
Around town is a listing of nonprofit local events

Panel sends lands bill to floor
To the disappointment of some Southeast Alaska communities, a House panel Tuesday moved a controversial university land grant bill to the House floor.

Blood bank to begin collecting
The Blood Bank of Alaska will accept blood donations next week at four locations in Juneau.

Around Town
Around town is a listing of nonprofit local events

Photo: The Head Blue Jay
Sophie Lager, lead singer for Sophie and the Blue Jays of Juneau, sings Tuesday at Centennial Hall during the 31st Alaska Folk Festival. The festival runs until Sunday with more than 150 performers.

Diversity quilt
National Youth Service Day will be coming to the Juneau-Douglas City Museum on Friday April 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., when 12 local teenagers grades 7 through 12 will help construct the Diversity Quilt that began as part of the arts activity fair held in conjunction with the City Wide Diversity Week Celebrations.

Etheridge and Adams to wed
Juneau residents Jennifer Etheridge and John Adams will be married at 4 p.m., April 16, 2005, at Chapel by the Lake.

Thank you
Messages of thanks to the community, from the community

God bless this neighborhood
In my last "Living and Growing" column, I shared how my homogeneous roots have grown to include the blessing of a rich diversity of races and cultures in my own family.

Staff reports from the residents of Juneau

Barbara Strandberg
Former Juneau resident Barbara Carlquist Strandberg, 88, died March 3, 2005, in Tempe, Ariz.

My turn: Alaska needs workers' compensation reform now
Alaska's workers' compensation system is broken, and we all have to pitch in to fix it if we want to keep Alaskans working.

My turn: Is it really news or covert propaganda? Let us know
There's something rotten in D.C. And I don't mean a garbage strike in the heat of summer. I mean what the Government Accounting Office is calling "covert propaganda."

My turn: Daylight savings time helps Alaskans
Well folks, here it comes again! A few legislators are trying to kill daylight savings time because it is an inconvenience to some of their constituents who don't like the changing of sleep patterns twice a year.

My turn: Alaska needs workers' compensation reform now
Alaska's workers' compensation system is broken, and we all have to pitch in to fix it if we want to keep Alaskans working.

Empire editorial: Capitol funding give-and-take adds to city's urgency
This week's revelation and rejection of a state allocation to help Juneau design a controversial new capitol illustrates the mighty sales job ahead for the city.

JDHS Dance Team ready for the big show
Throughout winter, the Juneau-Douglas High School Dance Team served as a complementary act to the Crimson Bears' basketball squads.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Juneau Parks & Rec Coed Volleyball
Final 2005 league Volleyball standings

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Aurora's wait is over, eggs finally hatching
Aurora held tight to her dream.

Fishermen question anti-terrorist rule
Alaska fishermen see trouble brewing if the U.S. Coast Guard approves a new rule creating anti-terrorist security zones around cruise ships in state waters.

This Day in History
In Alaska, the nation, and the world

Panel lowers boom on pain and suffering
The Senate on Tuesday approved lowering the cap on medical malpractice awards to $250,000 on the argument that too few doctors and insurance carriers operate in Alaska because of the risk of costly verdicts.

This Day in History
In Alaska, the nation, and the world

Senate passes workers' comp overhaul bill
The Senate on Wednesday passed a rewrite of the state's workers' compensation laws, despite the late inclusion of an appeals commission that detractors called a "poison pill."

Murkowski snubs Buist for game board
When Gov. Frank Murkowski called Pete Buist and told him he was not going to be reappointed to a second term on the Alaska Board of Game, Buist wasn't surprised.

Senate taps $344 million of permafund for schools
The Alaska Senate has passed what lawmakers called a "watershed" bill that uses the largest amount yet from the state's permanent fund to pay for projects.

Alaska Digest
Staff reports from around the state

Public radio works to hang onto funds
After the Alaska House of Representatives cut funding for public television, members of Alaska public radio stations seized an opportunity Tuesday to make the case for their budgets to senators.

State grant for capitol design steams Gatto
A Matanuska-Susitna Borough legislator rebuked state facilities officials Tuesday when he learned they had funneled $94,500 in state money to Juneau for its capitol design competition

Governor asks city to return capitol money
Gov. Frank Murkowski said Wednesday that a state grant to Juneau for a capitol design competition was "inappropriate" and should be returned.

Alaska Digest
Staff reports from around the state

Audiences invited to quench their 'Thirst' at Nickelodeon
The Juneau chapter of the Sierra Club will screen "Thirst," a 2003 documentary about the privatization of water rights, at 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 19, as the fifth in its series of free films at the Gold Town Nickelodeon.

Plumbing the depths of EVIL
In an age where we still glorify our villains, William Shakespeare's Richard III's quest for ambition is so diabolical that it's hard not to empathize with the deformed king.

Cinema Guide
What's playing around town

Music that'll grab you by the oxters
Caoimhin O Raghallaigh grew up in Dublin, and began playing the fiddle - and subsequently the tin whistle, flute and uilleann pipes - when he turned 10.

what's happening
Entertainment events around Juneau

News of local arts

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