Wants a tax-exempt card for seniors

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 14, 2006

Even though I live in Houston, I read your Web site every day. I was lucky to have spent four days in Juneau last summer.

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I am a senior myself and understand how the older population feels. It's tough, beyond belief, to live on a low fixed income, much less in Alaska where the cost of living is much higher than it is here. I can't imagine trying to live in Alaska on Social Security alone!

One possible solution is to have the city or state provide a plastic card (much like low-income individuals get with food stamp or Medicare programs here in Texas) to those seniors who meet the low-income criteria that you set. That way, when they go into a store to buy something, they present their card, it's swiped and the tax is not charged on their item. That information would go into a store's daily sales tab as tax exempt.

Or, a low-income senior can simple carry a special card with their picture on it that entitles them to be tax exempt.

It's a complex situation you all face, but maybe it can be made simpler by a card they carry that gives the seniors who really can't afford the tax an opportunity to stay afloat - and stay in Alaska.

Gail Reaben


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