2006 Derby rules and regulations

Posted: Friday, April 14, 2006

Tickets & Entry Fees

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1. Each participant, regardless of age, must possess an entry ticket prior to the time fishing occurs. Only participants are eligible for prizes.

2. The price for an entry ticket is $30.

3. Entry tickets become valid when the entry fee (ticket price) is paid, the ticket is countersigned by the selling agent, and the date and time of purchase is stated on the ticket.

4. A ticket, once valid, remains valid for the duration of the derby.

Ticket Sales Locations

• Alaskan & Proud market

615 W Willoughby Ave.

• Allen Marine Service & Sales

5450 Glacier Highway

• Valley Breeze In

220 Trout St.

• DeHart's Auke Bay Store

11735 Glacier Highway

• Fisherman's Bend

11957 Glacier Highway

• Harri Plumbing

809 W. 12th St.

• Outdoor Headquarters

9131 Glacier Highway, No. 2

• Rayco Sales

8371 Old Dairy Road

• Vocational Training

& Resource Center

3239 Hospital Drive

• Western Auto Marine

5165 Glacier Highway

Participation & Duration

1. Any person,who has not been disqualified from participating in a previous derby, may participate in the derby.

2. Participation occurs when an entry ticket is purchased and validated, as provided in these rules.

3. All participants must possess a 2006 Alaska sport fishing license and required stamps or, be legally entitled to fish without a license or stamps.

4. The derby shall commence at 12:01 a.m. Monday, May 1, and ends Sunday, May 31, at 7 p.m.

5. Fish may be entered during the times set forth below under weigh-in stations.

6. Participants may fish from a boat or from shore.

7. No person who is not a participant may fish from a boat from which participants are fishing.

• If a nonparticipant fishes from a boat from which participants are fishing, all persons in the boat are disqualified.

• Nonparticipants may go along with participants for the enjoyment of the outing.

• Down riggers are permitted

8. Fish caught by a "proxy" may not be entered.

9. Anyone caught breaking the rules or disqualified for any reason decided upon by the Derby Committee will be ineligible to participate in any future spring king derbies.

Eligible Fish

1. The participant's entry ticket must be presented with the fish the participant seeks to enter in the derby.

a. Fish must be entered at an authorized weigh-in station as listed under weigh-in stations.

b. Only fresh, unfrozen king salmon will be entered.

c. Only gutted and gilled fish may be entered.

d. Participants entering will be given a receipt stating the weight of the fish and the date and time it was entered. The ticket number of the participant entering the fish will also be stated on the receipt.

e. Entered fish remain the property of the participant.

2. Prizes will be awarded solely on the basis of weight of entered fish.

• Participants may enter more than one fish in the derby, but only the largest king will be eligible for a prize.

3. All entered fish must be taken in a manner, location, and time permitted by applicable sport fishing regulations. Note: Rules and regulations of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game apply.

4. Any person who has a reasonable suspicion that the fish submitted for entry was not taken in a manner which complies with applicable law or derby rules, may notify the Spring King Derby officials.

a. Upon notification, the officials may hold a hearing to determine whether the fish was caught in the manner required by these rules.

b. If a hearing is held, the participant submitting the fish for entry shall be given reasonable notice of the hearing and an opportunity to appear and give testimony.

c. At the conclusion of the hearing, the officials shall render a written decision which shall be final and binding on the participant.

Area Limits

Waters open to derby participants are:

• North to Point St. Mary at Berners Bay.

• West to Danger Point.

• South to Point Couverden.

• Southeast to Lizard's Head just past Funter Bay.

• Southeast from Twin Point to Point Styleman.

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