Be consistent for sake of trust

Posted: Monday, April 14, 2008

After the arrogant and egotistical previous administration, I find Gov. Sarah Palin a welcome breath of fresh air.

Her emphasis on ethics in these dark times where the veracity of many Alaska legislators is being called into question is both necessary and appreciated. For this, I offer my gratitude.

In this age of technological wizardry, I see no credible reason for a capital move, but I understand there are those who strongly disagree.

My concern is the ethical wisdom of Palin's willingness to allow repeal of the FRANK Initiative. If the capital move must be debated once more, isn't the ethical approach letting constituents know the cost ahead of time? While Palin promises to do so, even she can't vouch for the ethics of subsequent governors.

The same ethical argument applies to the proposed Juneau road extension. Is it ethical to destroy a view shed and irreplaceable animal habitat, and seriously impair the ferry system to provide a dangerous and who-knows-how-expensive dead end road that will still rely on a ferry?

I appreciate Palin's efforts to reestablish trust and confidence in Alaskan politics. Please be consistent.

Bob Andrews


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