Lehauli knocks out Morgan in main event

Posted: Monday, April 14, 2008

Josh "The Tongan Warrior" Lehauli defeated 23-year-old Nick "The Nightmare" Morgan by knock out just 1 minute, 1 second into round one of Friday night's Roughhouse Boxing main event at Marlintini's Lounge.

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Michael Penn / Juneau Empire
Michael Penn / Juneau Empire

"I was a little nervous before the fight because Morgan challenged me," Lehauli, 18, said after the win.

Morgan was effectively blocking Lehauli's shots in the beginning of the bout, but the first punch that got past Morgan's defensive gloves was a huge right hook to Morgan's head that sent him to the mat, ending the fight.

Here is a rundown of Friday's action:

• Evil reigned when Juneau's Thomas "Evil" McDonald, a first-time fighter, defeated Hoonah's Charlie "Go Getta" Gallant in a mixed martial arts fight hailed as "good vs. evil." McDonald took Gallant to the mat in round one and the two traded power positions by rolling around. During round two the fighters were even, trading hard shots to the body, then McDonald got Gallant in a submission pose that blocked his neck artery and Gallant tapped out.

• Two first-time fighters who both said they just wanted to try MMA after seeing it on television gave the crowd a thrill, when Romy Yadao, 35, defeated Jason McDonald, 31, by hitting McDonald hard in the eye on the first punch of round one. McDonald continued on despite the hard hit, bringing Yadao to the mat repeatedly in the first two rounds. McDonald retired before the start of round three because his eye began swelling and he didn't want to risk further injury, he said.

• Alaska state worker and first-time fighter Sonny Mazon, 35, defeated Hoonah's self-employed Billy Peters, 25, by unanimous decision in an MMA fight that resembled boxing more than martial arts. The bout had the crowd cheering equally for each fighter. Mazon took Peters down twice in round one as the crowd shouted "Sonny, Sonny." Round two was fought on their feet, with both boxers taking hard hits to the head. During round three, Peters stunned Mazon with a hard combination, then Mazon connected with a huge right that got Peters off balance and bloodied his nose. Mazon said in a post-fight interview that he wasn't sure if he'd fight again because his opponent got in a few good hits and "my head feels like someone is squeezing it."

• Juneau's Joseph Randy Dennis, 23, defeated Anchorage's Anthony "Jinx" Parr, 29, in an MMA grudge match that was over just two seconds into round two. The pair went to the mat early then grappled for a dominant position as they rolled around on the floor. Dennis took the first round, then Parr tapped out at the start of the second round.

• Hoonah's Wilbur Skeek, 21, fighting for the first time "because it looks fun," defeated Tyler Johnson, 28, in a bout with Skeek pinning Johnson early in round one, then delivering hard shots to his side. Referee Bob Haag broke them up after Skeek got Johnson in the eye and head-butted him at the end of the round. In round three, Skeek dropped Johnson with a roundhouse then head-butted again. Skeek got the win despite his illegal blows. In a post-fight interview, Skeek said his strategy was to "take him down to the mat and then hit him with everything I had and not tap out." He added that "getting hit makes me feel like I'm alive," but he's not going to fight again because his girlfriend doesn't want him to.

• Heavyweight first-time fighter Casey Gunderson defeated Authur Campbell, a Hoonah resident originally from New Orleans, in one of the best-matched fights of the night. Campbell started out strong, delivering a standing eight count to Gunderson early in the first round and taking the lead. Gunderson, who said he'd never been in a "real" fight, said he was surprised by the intensity. A Hopkins High School state wrestling champion in Minnesota, he said he didn't underestimate his opponent, who was fighting for the second time. Gunderson won the second round and bloodied Campbell's nose. Gunderson said he had the reach on him, but when he saw the blood he knew he had him.

• Undefeated Aaron the "Red Baron" Tucker, 18, defeated 59-year-old Alaska Native carver Wayne "Fu" Smallwood via knockout in the first fight of the night. Smallwood stayed tough despite repeated blows from the much younger Tucker, but he took a shot that had him lying on the mat early in round two.

• First-time fighter Travis Johnson, 25, of the Alaska Seafood Company, defeated student Ryan Williams, 19, in an adrenaline-filled fight that was a flurry of fists and not many jabs or hooks. Both boxers tired after round two, but Johnson hung in to get the win.

• Prince of Wales' "Crown Royal" Hudson, 18, defeated Reno Nevada's George Garton, 28, in a tough bout that pleased the crowd. Hudson exploded from the bell, attacking Garton with heavy leather to the head with his arms swinging wide. Garton answered, barraging Hudson with multiple head shots, but Hudson finished the round strong when he got Garton against the ropes and punched himself out. In round two, Hudson was the aggressor from the bell as Garton tried to hug the feisty young boxer, then Garton punched his way out with a surprising huge right hook to Hudson's temple. Hudson recovered and ended the round with multiple body shots. Garton, out of gas, retired before the third round began.

• Desiree "The Rebel" Marble defeated first-time fighter Helen Nelson when the fight was called by the referee early in round two. Marble, who had much more experience than Nelson, was too much for the newcomer who agreed to fight her Friday night after Marble put out an open challenge to the audience. Nelson stayed tough through a whole round against the aggressive Marble.

Roughhouse boxing fight card results

Aaron "The Red Baron" Tucker defeats Wayne "Fu" Smallwood

Travis Johnson defeats Ryan Williams

Casey Gunderson defeats Authur Campbell

Wilbur Skeek defeats Tyler Johnson

Joseph Randy Dennis defeats Anthony "Jinx" Parr

Thomas "Evil" McDonald defeats Charlie "Go Getta" Gallant

Sonny Mazon defeats Billy Peters

Romy Yadao defeats Jason McDonald

Desiree "The Rebel" Marble defeats Helen Nelson

"Crown Royal" Hudson defeats George Garton

Josh Lehauli defeats Nick "The Nightmare" Morgan

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