Hyder seeks $10,000 for dock repair

Posted: Wednesday, April 14, 2010

KETCHIKAN - Hyder residents are seeking state help to repair a 74-year-old dock.

Resident Chester Kocinski tells the Ketchikan Daily News that 35 people have signed a petition seeking about $10,000 from the state to repair the dock's causeway damaged last year by ice.

Kocinski says the dock has been in place since 1936 and was the primary dock until a small boat harbor opened in 1980.

He says people still use the dock ever day. In the winter, people use it to catch shrimp, and it's a habitat for crabs and otters living underneath it. Also, he says boats use it at night when they are unable to get into the harbor.

The petition was delivered to the governor's office last month, and a spokeswoman for Gov. Sean Parnell says they haven't responded yet.

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