Letter: We should love and protect Alaska

Posted: Sunday, April 15, 2001

I have lived in many states and have had my fill of strip malls, used car lots and a predictable uniformity that dulls the mind. I love Alaska. It is indeed the last remnant, spared for a moment from dubious "progress."

But I have found that while it is socially acceptable to love Alaska, it is not OK to want to protect it.

Certainly everyone is entitled to his or her priorities. But I remind myself that when I think of the Tongass National Forest and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, I think of national lands that are to be enjoyed and protected for the children and grandchildren of Georgia, Indiana, indeed the future generations of America. But while Alaskans do not own the lands, we can indeed participate in their preservation and benefit from their wise use.

I encourage everyone who lives in Alaska to push past "we's and them's" and seek commonality. It is in partnership that visions become real. There in deed lies any future of Alaska.

Andrea Doll


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