EMT/firefighter is no hater

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, April 15, 2004

I would like to respond to Chris Heckler's response to Pat Eggers' letter about reckless motorcycle riders.

Chris, I've noticed that when most people put the label of "hater" or "phobic" on those they disagree with, it means that the labeler has closed the mind and stopped thinking about the points that have been made. I do hope this is not true in your case.

While I do not presume to know what is in Pat Eggers' heart or what he is thinking, I do know that actions speak louder than words. Pat Eggers has given many years of his life to this community as an EMT/firefighter, and one does not become an EMT out of hate.

What "probably" fueled that letter was frustration. Frustration that the rider was so reckless and irresponsible as to risk "suicide by traffic," knowing that the rider would be the lucky one in the case of a wreck. He'd be dead or unconscious, while all around him the real victims would have to deal with the physical and emotional wreckage he'd left behind. The people who witnessed his crash would have those images of horror etched into their memories. It is a cold, cold person who would be unaffected by the sight. The emergency response people would have the immense frustration and pain of "cleanup" when what they so strongly desire is to save his life. The rider's family and friends would have the enormous, viscerally painful loss of the person he was. The only good is the organ donation: that others may live because of his stupidity.

And for what? So he could be a "rebel," a "free spirit?" Usually those terms are used to excuse enormously selfish behavior. Watch the "rebels" and the "free spirits" you know. Are others hurt by their behavior? If not, then count yourself blessed for knowing the exception.

Chris (and others reading this), please do not dismiss the words of those who disagree with you, at least not before finding the source of their opinions and words.

Connie Riley


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