Congratulations to lesbian couple

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, April 15, 2004

My congratulations to the couple flying down to California. I can understand their desire to make the statement.

What people do not realize is that this is not going away. We are not going to let it drop and we will not quit fighting for our rights. I was born and raised in Juneau. I've lived in Portland, Ore., for 11 years now and I am proud of the Multnomah County representatives that have allowed gays and lesbians to get marriage licenses. Gays and lesbians will fight for our rights in this country. We will win, because the Constitution of the United States and God is on our side. Eventually we will take it to the Supreme Court and the changes that each state in the union has made to support prejudice and discrimination will be overturned.

I find it really ironic that people blame gays for the current state of marriage. Seriously, what does my relationship have to do with the nextdoor neighbors. What are the "religious right" folks going to do when they can no longer blame homosexuals for their own inability to sustain a solid, loving relationship? The institution of marriage is in trouble all right. But pointing the finger toward people who are not even a part of it does not solve the problem.

The Bible can be used to justify a lot of hate. In the old South the bible was used to validate the ownership of slaves. There is such a thing as separation of church and state in the country. There was a time when interracial marriage was illegal. The Bible was used to condone that as well.

I recently saw a documentary on Martin Luther King. In it, I observed the look of absolute hatred in the faces of the whites lining the marchers. Interesting thing - it was that same expression on the faces of the demonstrators outside the courthouse in downtown Portland, Ore. Those same faces, holding signs saying, "Perverts die in hell" and then underneath that - "God is Love."

I am thankful I was raised by good Christian parents who were able to teach me that God is about love - not hate. Without that example, I am sure that I would not have accepted Christ into my life.

Rob Ryan

Portland, Ore.

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