No loss of parking

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 15, 2005

A writer of an April 12 letter to the editor indicates that the Seward Street construction project is permanently eliminating parking. Not true; there are shifts to the roadway, but the existing amount of on-street parking is being preserved. The writer also indicates that last year's transit shift resulted in a loss of parking. Also, not true. Shifts were made to street use at the time to result in no loss of parking in town.

The recently poured curbs on Seward Street offer a visual puzzle, and do make the street look very narrow. In reality, the sidewalks are being widened, but only by an average of a foot and a half on each side.

Come see the construction, patronize the businesses, watch the improvements unfold. I've seen school children and adults alike marvel at the heavy equipment and hard-working contractor.

It's tough now, but in the end we'll have upgraded sidewalks, new utilities, underground power, a park at Third Street and a covered canopy around the courthouse to make us proud.

Rorie Watt

Juneau Engineering Department

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