Outsiders: Scott May

Posted: Sunday, April 15, 2007

Age: 43.

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Occupation: Riverbend Physical Education Teacher and Head Coach of the Crimson Bears Track & Field Team.

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Camping, hiking, boating, exploring (and shoveling).

Favorite Outdoor Sport: I recently went out the road with some friends to that Disc Golf Course. I think it's my new favorite outdoor sport. I'm also interested in ultimate frisbee and competitive shoveling. (May recently helped clear snow off the track field).

Favorite Outdoor Spot: I would have to say my favorite outdoor spot is on the top of Uluru (Ayres Rock) in the middle of the Australian Outback. It is where I proposed to my wife.

Close Encounter: In 1996, I was on a field trip out the Herbert Glacier Trail with a group of students. A student and I had become separated from the group when we went around a corner, and there was a black bear right in front of us. I think the black bear was more scared than we were, although the student absolutely insisted he didn't see anything. He just kept saying that he wanted to go home.

Close Encounter II: I have become dangerously dehydrated twice. Once while hiking in West Africa. It was three days of beach hiking and river crossings with a heavy backpack. I remember it got so bad at one point, that I thought I saw a submarine in this little swamp. The other was when I tried to circle the Island of Lanai on my mountain bike. I knew I was in trouble in the 90-degree heat, after hours of no water and failing vision. At one point, I remember lying down, trying not to sleep, but waking to flies on me and a turkey vulture circling. Shortly after that, I remember stumbling down a hill and seeing a cow trough full of water and drinking out of it. It tasted very metallic.

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