Whitehorse breaks 20-year Capital Cup curse

Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Capital Cup trophy boarded the Alaska Ferry Monday morning bound for Skagway and on to Whitehorse.

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Courtesy Of Mona Yarnall
Courtesy Of Mona Yarnall

The Whitehorse team prevailed in reclaiming the cup after more than 20 years and a long string of Juneau wins when the Capital Cup tennis tournament concluded Sunday. The event featured more than 65 competitors, including 11 players from Whitehorse, and concluded after an even 90 matches had been played.

The event format utilized tournament brackets for each event and skill level. Each match featured a Juneau team member or members versus a Whitehorse opponent. Each win counted towards a team point total that determined the winner of the perpetual Capital Cup trophy.


Upper division singles:

Jan Polivka (Whitehorse)def. Bong Carandang 8-1

Middle division singles:

Art Dee def. Aric Ludwig 8-6

Upper division doubles:

Vini Lata and Bong Carandang, 2-1 record

Middle division doubles:

Fred Tolbert and Tom Listberger defeat Jason Graham and Gordy Olson, 8-5



Miriam Lukszova (Whitehorse), 3-0 record

Upper division doubles:

Bev Smith and Mimi Walker, 3-0 record

Middle division doubles:

Alyson Campbell and Keri Willoughby, 2-0 record



Brian Lupro def. Josh Robinson (Whitehorse) 8-3

Upper division doubles:

Annie Kincheloe and George Crowder, 3-0 record

Middle division doubles:

Miriam Lukszova and Jan Polivka (Whitehorse) def. Fred Tolbert and Pam Couzin 8-3

Lower division doubles:

Sam Thomas and Vicki Wilcox, 3-0 record


Boys Singles:

Nick Parker, 2-1 record

Advanced Beginners Singles:

Louis Kedzoira, 2-0 record

¾ Court:

Aline Halliday (Whitehorse), 2-0 record

Half Court:

Ewan Halliday (Whitehorse), Sam Hall, Cameron Pehrson - 2-1 record

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