SEACC does not represent the interests of Edna Bay residents

Posted: Thursday, April 15, 2010

I know that my fellow residents of Edna Bay with whom I have spoken all feel exactly the same as I am expressing in this letter. We are aware that the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council is involved in closed-door meetings with Sealaska concerning these land bills.

With all due respect, SEACC must be informed that we, the residents of Edna Bay, along with all of the fellow residents of the towns of Point Baker, Port Protection and Nakauti with whom we have spoken, do not authorize SEACC nor any other organizations to negotiate in our behalf concerning the National Forest lands surrounding our communities which Sealaska wishes to acquire.

Only representatives from our communities, chosen by and from among the residents of our communities, are authorized to represent us. Only we speak for our own interests.

We are in 100 percent opposition to these bills and do not support a compromise with Sealaska of any sort. We are in full agreement that these bills must die in Congress. This is our firm position and any attempt by other groups, SEACC and/or others, to negotiate a deal with Sealaska without the full involvement of authorized representatives of our communities will be responded to and opposed in a very strong and vocal manner.

Any agreement reached between SEACC and others with Sealaska will be considered illegitimate by our communities, because nobody can negotiate for us except ourselves. SEACC does not represent our interests in this matter and we respectfully request that you act and speak accordingly in any dealings concerning these lands bills that threaten to affect our communities more negatively than any other group in Southeast Alaska.

Roger DiPaolo

Edna Bay

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