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Posted: Sunday, April 16, 2000

The WHAT? glacier

Isn't it just like Southern California to spend big bucks to duplicate what we have here for free? A company is building a $130 million ``indoor snowboard and action sports facility'' called - forgive us for telling you this - The Gotcha Glacier. In addition to snow sports, it includes surf and skate parts, scuba diving, a huge climbing wall and, of course, bowling. Construction starts this summer.

Early spring

When you have winters like they do in Fairbanks, every little extra bit of spring helps. So some locals were excited when the first Canada geese of the season were spotted at Creamer's Field on Monday, two days earlier than last year and about five days ahead of schedule. ``I've seen robins the last few days,'' said Anna Marie Benson of the Alaska Bird Observatory. ``Every year there's some wacky individuals that show up earlier than the rest of the species.''

How do you spell relief?

Trudy Heffernan of Fairbanks had her hands full Thursday, supervising four under-5-year-olds in a small hotel room. But, she told the folk festival audience that evening, it took the bite out of going onstage. Nothing like a little chaotic child care to ease the way to singing in front of a thousand people.

Boost that bar

Journalists from around the state are in Anchorage this weekend for the Alaska Press Club's annual training-and-meeting session. Our favorite event title: ``Buy a Flack a Drink.'' The description? ``It's time to thank your favorite flack. You know, the one you woke up at 5:30 a.m. to get the details on that big story.'' How about buying them ear plugs?

Milk, beer, milk, beer

PETA's ``Got Beer?'' campaign continues to get odder and odder. The folks who argue beer is better than milk (and think farmers mistreat cows) just sent us a letter pointing out the irony of the dairy industry's ``Got Milk'' campaign. Former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole appeared in a ``Got Milk'' ad. Dole had prostate cancer. The group cites a study showing milk makes mem more susceptible to the disease. Their punch line? ``Milk is a four-letter word.''

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