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Posted: Sunday, April 16, 2000

Violence is not funny. Where are the editors' standards of good taste and responsibility in printing a call about taking a hammer to one segment of the population?

I was upset to learn this week that the folk festival board no longer allows storytellers and folk poets to perform on stage and on the radio. I've always enjoyed them. Something important and entertaining is now missing.

I'm amazed in reading your column that about every other thing that somebody has to complain about is blamed on tourists. Get a life. If you don't like the fact you live in a tourist community move somewhere else.

The Johnson Youth Center and this Miller House stuff isn't working anymore. We need a boot camp for these kids in Juneau.

A lot of people have commented on the junked cars at Kmart and Taco Bell. What about the horrible mess of junked cars that sits off Egan Drive near the high school? That is one horrible eyesore too. Can we do something about that?

I just wanted to say that your paper was wrong in saying Alaska Natives aren't fit. This is not true in my family because my uncle runs 6 miles a day and my other uncle walks 3 miles a day.

It is amazing to me how all of the people in Juneau complain about the tourists, along with the city waiting to clean up until the tourists come. I think people ought to get real and thank the city for cleaning up, because when else do they expect them to do it - the middle of winter? We should all pitch in together and help instead of complaining.

Let's commend the bus drivers that so kindly pull over when there are cars behind them when they let children out. I think they should be remembered and thanked.

Where did the city get its invisible grass seed that it's using on the Centennial Hall lawn? We couldn't find any.

There's a real good article in the paper about the police department's 911 system they have developed at their new station. I believe it's time now for the fire department to do what they promised and place their dispatching with the police department like it's supposed to be, and free up the firefighters and paramedics to do their job.

Many thanks to Randy for helping to change my tire in the Carrs parking lot when I discovered I didn't have a tire iron. I appreciated the assistance and the neighborly attitude.

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