Tobacco activists make AARP proud

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 16, 2004

I was pleased to see the Juneau Empire give front page coverage to the governor's rally with local high school students to support the $1-per-pack increase in the tobacco tax.

I serve as state president of AARP and AARP is strongly supporting the tobacco tax increase.

Some AARP members smoke. Many AARP members have experienced the agony of quitting ... or trying to quit.

Some adults will stop smoking if the cost of cigarettes increases. The primary benefit of raising the tax will be to make cigarettes so expensive that kids will never start. Research throughout the world tells us that increased taxes discourage young people from smoking.

AARP is an organization of grandparents. We smile when we see our grandchildren having fun, studying hard, and enjoying life. I am confident that no grandparent smiles when they first see a grandchild smoke.

AARP Alaska supports raising the tobacco tax. It's a law that we can all live (longer) with.

Elizabeth "Liz" Lucas


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